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3 reasons to replace your lawn with artificial grass

In the UK, the minute the sun decides to show itself, we run to our gardens. We unfold our deck chairs that have sat miserably in the back of our sheds, put the barbeque on the decking and knock on the neighbours. All ready for that spring/summer heat that beckons us to the outdoors.

However, all that heat can go to waste if your grass isn’t up to the standards a sunny spring day requires. A live lawn can pose a lot of problems for those of us who want to use their garden on a regular basis. The maintenance, mud, fading and overall upkeep of a live lawn would lead even the keenest of gardeners to ignore the sun stroked patch of grass for a significant amount of time. Who wants to spend hours over a lawn for a sun that may only show up for day? You may as well have a lawn that’s green, clean and deck chair approved lawn all year round.

Making the swap to artificial grass from a live lawn is a worthwhile investment. For you, your back and your bank account.

Zero Maintenance

Once it’s down, an artificial lawn never needs to be touched again. No watering, mowing or trimming. It won’t need cleaning and it can’t be dug up by a misbehaving pet.  Mowing a lawn can take 2-3 hours at a time, and that’s not counting for larger gardens or awkward shaped crooks and behind the shed patches. Those who may have difficulty taking the time out of a busy or uncomfortable schedule to mow a lawn, would benefit from an outdoor carpet such as artificial grass. Those with physical obstacles that can get in the way of lawn maintenance could have a pain free gardening experience. Owners of holiday property could replace the cost of a gardener with grass that never grows and know that whether they’re renting the property out or spending a relaxing time away, the grass is always greener on that side of the fence.

It’s not just yourself you’ll be helping. Zero maintenance also means zero impact on the environment. Reduced water usage, no chemicals, fertiliser and no emissions from petrol driven mowers.

No Mud

You’ve spent a few hours getting the lawn just as you like it. Short, plush and looking perfect for an afternoon in the sun. Or overcast.

Then comes the rain. Then comes the mud. A garden should be a sanctuary and somewhere to sit, play and entertain. Those worn down patches from parts of the lawn that are in constant use, turn more and more into mud patches as time wears on. An unsavoury sight and an annoyance to have scattered about an otherwise, well-kept lawn.

An artificial lawn won’t give into mud. Even in a downpour.

Greener than green grass

How many products have you seen advertised, promising to turn your yellowing, straw like grass into a plush, velvet lawn? With an artificial lawn, you could walk straight passed the shelves of colour changing grass potions at your local garden centre and come back to the aesthetically pleasing lawn you’ll have had for years. It’s not possible for a live lawn to stay green all year round. With the ever changing weather, constantly being walked on and played in, the grass will fade and loose it’s green shade. An artificial lawn lasts for a long time and during this time won’t fade. It will stay the natural looking, fresh, clean, green grass all year round.

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