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5 Easy Home Improvements for Summer

Making easy and small home improvements can make the biggest difference to your home sweet home. Summer is here and the days are longer and brighter, now, it’s time to get your home in the spirit of the season with a little home makeover, perfect for Summer.

A Lick of Paint

There’s nothing that a lick of paint cannot fix, right? A little paint can go a long way. A fresh layer of white or colour on your walls can do wonders for your living space. Choose the look and feel you want to convey and display your personality throughout your home.

Whether you’re wanting to freshen up your existing paint work, or re-vamp a room with a new pop of colour, if you dedicate a day to making these changes, we can gaurentee that your home will feel fresh, vibrant and ready for Summer.

Transform Your Room With New Flooring

When it comes to making subtle home improvements, installing new flooring can seem like a mammoth tasks. However, we have some amazing flooring ranges that are more than easy to install.

Take Quick-Step Laminate for example, you can add a stunning new look to your room with the blink of an eye. Quick-Step Laminate can be slotted into place, just like a jigsaw puzzle. But, the best bit, is that your stunning new floor will truly stand the test of time and look truly stunning from season to season.

Add Some Scatter Cushions & Throws

Placing scatter cushions and throws in a certain, stylistic way can really bring a room together, and when it comes to a new season, scatter cushions are perfect for giving any room a whole new vibe.

During Summer, adding cushions and throws that add a pop of colour or a pattern into your living space is the perfect way to bring the season into your home. You can now purchase changeable cushion covers from a handful of home interiors and lifestyle stores online and on the high street. Chaining the cushion covers is the most time and cost effective way improve your home.

The Result of New Lighting

Lighting can make a huge difference when it comes to the look and overall feel of a space. Changing the position of your lights can make a remarkable difference during those Summer evenings. We’re talking cosy, romantic and homely lighting that will make your home more endearing than ever.

Lighting is essential to the atmosphere of a home. A well-lit room is inviting, warm and welcoming, encouraging people to linger. Make sure to incorporate multiple sources of light, consisting of different layers that blend together. Also add a dimmer. These allow for flexibility depending on the time of day or your mood, and they save energy.

House Plants & Flower Arrangements

When you think of Summer, what springs to mind? Plants of course, and lots of them! It’s amazing just what house plants can do. They add such a fresh and welcoming vibe to a space, there’s just something truly beautiful when it comes to having living plants in your home.

If you’ve ever been faced with the dilemma of a space looking too empty and you’re not entirely sure what to do, adding a houseplant or a stunning flower arrangement can completely change a space and solve and interior design issues you may be having.

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