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8 Ways of Making the Most of The Clocks Going Back

“Hip Hip Hooray!”, you thought on Saturday evening when the clocks went back in time and gained an extra hour in your life.

So, how are you going to make the best use of this free extra time?

Here are some ideas that’ll help your brain tick and get your body rocking…

Family breakfast banquet
Bacon butties, full English breakfast, pancakes and syrup – not forgetting that essential piece of fruit too! Quality time spent around the family dining table enjoying a morning feast with your loved ones can only be time well spent.

Morning exercise
Whilst the sun is one step ahead of your body clock, make the most the daylight. Whether indoors or outdoors you can get your body rocking with some awesome Yoga stretches or by enjoying a brisk walk or stroll in the Autumn breeze.

Reading that book you’ve always planned to
Cosy up in front of an open fire, expand your knowledge or dive deep into that unfinished novel you promised yourself. There’s nothing quite like a good read to keep your intellectual motor running.

Catch up on your favourite TV programme
Keeping up to date on your favourite Netflix drama or documentary is an excellent way to bask in some ‘me time’.

Meet with friends
There’s never a better reason than to pour out the mulled wine to bring friends together – a heart warming invitation that no friend can refuse.

Playtime with the kids
If you thought an extra lie-in was possible when having a young family – think again! Your beloved little treasures will be up an hour early – a human alarm clock that can’t be ‘snoozed’. Jump out of bed and play!

Clean the house
New times, new beginnings… is it time to clear those old cobwebs before Halloween? Or have you been putting off tidying that doomed cupboard or draw that is in need of desperate re-organisation? Either way, you’ll be ticking at least one item off your proverbial list.

Catch up on sleep
And, of course, if you owe yourself a lie-in you can always indulge in enjoying on extra hour in bed. Maybe catch up from when the clocks went forward back in March? If feeling well-rested with a body battery recharge is at the forefront of your mind, then hit the ‘Snooze’ button – no-one’s going to blame you for it.

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