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Advantages of Artificial Grass in Summer

Artificial grass proves to be extremely effective no matter what time of the year it is. However, it can prove to be particularly useful during the summer months, as we will explain below.

Firstly, one of the more common tasks you will have is to mow your lawn. The grass will be growing a little less during the summer months due to a number of factors, not least due to solar radiation and a comparative lack of rainfall compared to other seasons (though climate change has raised questions about that in recent years, despite what a certain Mr. Trump may think!). Nevertheless, the grass will have still grown to a sufficient standard in the spring, and it’ll still require cutting during the summer. Well, that’s with traditional grass. With artificial grass, however, there’s no need to worry; once the artificial turf is laid down, it doesn’t require any additional work at all, which includes mowing. So, keep the lawnmower safely locked away in the shed, and make the most of the sun, because artificial grass will never require mowing or any related treatment.

Secondly, as alluded to, it isn’t uncommon nowadays for us to have a “wet summer”, where it feels like our crucial July and August holidays are somewhat dampened by excessive rainfall. You could have muddy puddles or even floods, depending on where you live. With regular grass, there’s a worry that the soil will be damaged and, though assisted by the warm temperatures, this will make the garden less enticing to sit out in or play activities in. With artificial grass, though, this becomes a non-issue. Okay, so we can’t control whether it’s going to rain or not, but the ground itself will not be damaged, so when the rain does go off, you can rest assured that the turf remains strong and firm, and ready for you to do whatever you wish.

Next, if you have a family or if you have pets, artificial grass not only prevents the kids or your pet dog from bringing mud into the house on their feet, but it also keeps them safer. We mentioned muddy puddles, and even if you go into the garden the next day, there’s a chance that someone, or one of your kids, could slip and fall. With artificial turf, that doesn’t come into the equation, because the ground will not succumb to muddy puddles or patches of any kid which could potentially lead to falls or injuries. What’s more, because it remains solid and unharmed, the turf will never crack to allow mud or soil to seep through. So, the footprints should never be visible on your laminate kitchen floor once the family have finished having fun in the garden, because thanks to the artificial grass, you’ll never have known – from their feet, anyway – that they’ll have even been outside!

Finally, let’s think about the activities that the family, the kids, or even the pets, may get up to. You could have a picnic. You could play football. You could have a mini-Olympics with minor running races. Or you could just lay on a deck chair and make the most of the sun. Whatever your activities may be, regular grass can pose a problem, especially after rainfall. What if your garden is full of mud? What if the weather has created a lot of damp patches? What if the sun has turned parts of the lawn an unwanted shade of brown? This not only impacts upon what you can do in the garden, but it also creates less of a summer vibe; when you’re chilling in the sun, cocktail in one hand and puzzle book in the other, you don’t want to be looking down at grass which suggests that we’re in the autumn rather than the summer. But artificial grass bypasses all of this: the turf will be of the highest quality to stand on, run on, jump on etc. no matter if it’s rain or shine, or if it’s one day removed from a week’s worth of heavy showers, and the grass will always retain its natural shade of green, which is pleasing on the eye and further enhances the feeling of relaxing in the sunshine.

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