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Bathroom laminate flooring

One of the most important and well used rooms in the house is the bathroom. Whilst you want to create a space that looks aesthetically pleasing, there are also a number of practical factors that you need to consider when choosing a bathroom floor. We regularly install laminate flooring into our customers bathrooms as it is a real all-rounder product, which is proven by it’s growing popularity.

Why laminate works well in bathrooms

The most obvious reason for choosing laminate in a bathroom is that it is waterproof, due to the top protective layer, any liquids that spill from the shower, bath or basins can easily be wiped away without fear of it soaking in and causing any long term damage. Even water that you cannot necessarily see or wipe away such as moisture in the air from a hot shower can cause real wood to warp, so laminate makes for a much more practical solution.

Another common flooring alternative to laminate used in bathrooms is tiling, however these do have their own downfalls. Tiles can be quite cold underfoot especially during the Winter months and depending on the size of the tiles that you choose, there can be a lot of maintenance to keep the grouting looking clean. Laminate flooring is slightly warmer to the touch which is of great benefit if your home does tend to get quite cold and there is no grouting to worry about, regular cleaning will keep it good as new.

One final benefit to mention, which perhaps isn’t as much a practical factor but still equally important is the large range of laminate flooring colours and designs that you have to choose from. Whether you are looking for a light coloured flooring or a richer, dark wood effect, there will be a laminate product to suit you. Prices and thicknesses also vary, so no matter your budget or your taste, you shouldn’t have a problem finding a flooring that you will be happy with.

How to keep laminate clean

It is one of the easiest flooring products to keep on top of, it doesn’t matter if you have a light colour or a darker shade, you can keep your laminate looking good as new with very little effort, perfect for busy households. The surface of laminate flooring is very smooth so you have no gaps where dust or dirt can get trapped, a simple sweep with a soft brush (so as not to scratch) will lift anything that is lying on the surface. If there are any spills or dirt that has stuck, used a mop with warm soapy water to easily lift any marks. For more stubborn stains, use a cloth and give the spot a good scrub with some elbow grease and it will be gone in seconds.

If you’d like to discuss installing laminate flooring in your bathroom get in touch with one of our friendly team members here and we would be happy to go through the different options available.

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