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Why choose herringbone laminate flooring?

Many people opt for herringbone laminate flooring in their home because of it’s traditional aesthetic. It is a mosaic-like arrangement of rectangular wood pieces which create a geometric effect (similar to fish bone structure such as that of a herring). In some cases, woods of different colours and grains are used to give a richer […]

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Why grey flooring is so popular

Whilst you might not think of grey as one of the most popular colours for interior design, you might be surprised to hear that we at Walton Flooring are often asked about our grey flooring options in store. In fact it is actually one of our top products, so we wanted to discuss how and […]

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How to keep your floors clean

If you have recently purchased a new flooring for your home, or if you are looking for tips on how to get your old one back to its former glory then you have come to the right place. At Walton Flooring Centre we specialise in offering friendly, practical service and advice not only when you […]

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Walton Style Guide: Bohemian

We are now well into the Autumn season and with that, we thought what better style to discuss than the cosy, hipster trend of bohemian home decor. For those of you that are less familiar with the concept, the word bohemian comes from the French for “gypsy” and encompasses all things free-spirited, artistic and informal. […]

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5 things to let your flooring expert know before you buy

We have many customers making enquiries in store or over the phone on a daily basis and every single quotation we do is different. Walton Flooring is a family run business and we take pride in the personal and friendly service we offer, we like to make the process of deciding on a new flooring […]

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