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Decorating Tips for Your Bathroom

Having a pristine, beautifully-decorated bathroom can make any house or apartment feel like more of a relaxing and therapeutic place. Whether you want to tear out old tiles, or replace your bathroom fixtures… or you’re just looking for ways to spice up the room, here are are some helpful tips to make your bathroom into a more pleasant environment.  Make […]

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First Time Buyer Tips

As a first time buyer, you might have just spent more money than you thought possible securing your new home. This is an exciting thing to have accomplished and no doubt took a lot of stress, panic and paperwork. Now that you’re holding the key to your very own home, you’ll want to put your […]

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70s Inspired Decorating Ideas

The 70s were a decade of change. With the invention of colour television, lava lamps, bean bag chairs and disco balls, colour invaded homes in new and exciting ways. American writer Tom Wolfe described it as the “Me Decade”, a decade of activism, freedom and self expression; aspects which were inevitably mirrored in and around […]

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What’s the big deal about Tartan

Before disregarding tartan as the ghost of lurid school uniforms past, learn about the fascinating history of this textile and how it can work in your home.

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Home Improvement Trends 2016

  So the festive season’€™s been and gone and 2016 has arrived. And with the new year, thoughts often turn to giving your home a spruce up and a spot of redecorating. But with so many styles and colours available, and a host of looks set to be big this year, what are the key […]

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