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Carpet Cleaning Myths, Busted!

As soon as you notice a stain or mark on your carpet, or even when it comes to general cleaning, there’s so many myths, hacks and remedies floating around, it’s hard to know what’s right and wrong.

Here at Walton Flooring Centre, we want to bust those carpet cleaning myths, so that your carpet can remain in the best condition possible. So, let’s get myth busting!

Myth #1: If you vacuum too often, you’ll wear out the carpet faster.

This is a myth that belongs deep in the past. Previously, carpets were not manufactured to be as durable and hard wearing as they are today. The density of the carpet fibers, as well as their length, meant that older carpets showed wear and tear a lot faster with frequent vacuuming. However, modern carpeting is specifically made to withstand frequent carpeting. Even if you vacuum every day, which many people do, your carpet can stand up to it.

The amazing carpet ranges we have on offer such as Victoria Carpets & Cormar Carpets, are perfect for family homes, where frequent vacuuming is required.

Myth #2: Steam Cleaning Carpets  Can Lead To Mildew Growth.

Steam cleaning carpets involve the application of hot steam – not water. If you go to the grocery store and use a rented steam cleaner on your carpets, chances are the machine won’t be in excellent working order. Not only that, but steam cleaning requires special training. If you linger too long in one spot, for example, you could saturate your carpet. With professional carpet steam cleaning, the machine itself is professional grade. The operator knows exactly how to steam clean your carpet so that it’s not saturated in the process. Finally, allowing your carpet to thoroughly dry after a steam cleaning will ensure that no mildew growth occurs.

Steam Cleaning Carpets

Myth #3: Using Baking Soda For Carpet Stains

Many homeowners sprinkle baking soda on their carpet to get the carpet clean and get rid of odors. While baking soda does absorb some kinds of things, a sprinkling of baking soda on the surface of your carpet fibers does little more than giving temporary satisfaction. Baking soda doesn’t get your carpet clean. It may temporarily mask unpleasant odors, but the odors will come back unless the source is cleaned up. The only way to truly get your carpets deep cleaned is to have them steam cleaned by a professional.

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