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Carpet Cleaning Tips: How To Remove Pet Hair From Your Carpets.

There’s no doubt that your wagging furry friend is well and truly apart of the family. However, although you may completely adore your pet, have you ever felt as though you’re fighting a losing battle when it comes to dealing with pet hair? The hairs from your beloved family pet can be very frustrating when they are scattered all over your carpet, but fortunately there are certain methods that will keep them at bay. Here’s our favourite carpet cleaning tips to make dealing with pet hair that little bit easier.

How To Remove Pet Hair From Your Carpets.

Before you start, give your carpet a vacuum and then lightly dampen a clean, regular kitchen sponge. Rub the carpet with the sponge to pick up any hairs left over after vacuuming. The fur will roll up into clumps that you can pick up with your hands.

Velcro Rollers Using Velcro rollers on the surface of your carpet to pick up excess hairs that your vacuum may have missed.

Use sellotape to catch the pet hairs. Wrap some around your fingers (with the sticky, adhesive part on the outside) and tap your carpet where the hairs are, this will pick them up (until your furry friends rolls around the carpet once. again)

Inflate a balloon and rub it across your carpet. The static on the surface of the balloon will attract the hair. Once you’ve emptied the balloon and pulled off all the hairs, you can re-use it to pick up more.

Use a sweeping brush on particularly stubborn hairs. The bristles are effective with static electricity and the hair will stick straight to the brush. You can no purchase rubber floor brushes the are designed with catching pet hairs in mind.

Try mixing some fabric softener with water and mist it on to your carpet with a spray bottle. Don’t dampen the carpet too much -€“ a fine mist is all you need. The fabric softener will help soften the carpet fibres and make it easier for the hair to be lifted. Allow this to dry and then go over your carpet with your vacuum cleaner.

Use a squeegee that is long enough to push along the floor. The rubber will pull up the pet hair and make it easier to vacuum away.

Each of these methods will make a big difference when it comes to removing unwanted hairs from your carpet, meaning that you can allow your pets to roam around your house without being as cautious about their fur. We hope out carpet cleaning tips are useful and that those pesky pet hairs become a little easier to handle.

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