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Why Buy Waterproof Laminate Flooring [video]

Hi, I’m Chris from Walton Flooring Centre and in previous videos we’ve spoke about floors suitable for bathrooms, and kitchens, and places where moisture is an issue we’ve done an LVT video (Luxury Vinyl Tile) we’ve also done a rolled vinyl, or lino as people call it and a 3rd option, 3rd and final option […]

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Chris at our Burscough shop Demonstrates how Artificial Grass is Laid [video]

Hi, my name’s Chris from Walton Flooring Centre and I work in our Burscough store. I’m here today to talk to you today about Artificial Grass in its various guises. We’ve got a number of samples to choose from. We’ve got our own dedicated grass room here at Burscough and all the other stores do have Artificial […]

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