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Flooring terms & jargon explained

A Adhesive – An industrial glue that secures planks to one another and flooring to floorboards. B Bevelled edges – Laminate flooring turned down at the edges to help avoid damage by moisture. Buckling – The result of moisture on wooden flooring which causes the planks to pull up from the floor. C Colour variation […]

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Why choose herringbone laminate flooring?

Many people opt for herringbone laminate flooring in their home because of it’s traditional aesthetic. It is a mosaic-like arrangement of rectangular wood pieces which create a geometric effect (similar to fish bone structure such as that of a herring). In some cases, woods of different colours and grains are used to give a richer […]

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5 things to let your flooring expert know before you buy

We have many customers making enquiries in store or over the phone on a daily basis and every single quotation we do is different. Walton Flooring is a family run business and we take pride in the personal and friendly service we offer, we like to make the process of deciding on a new flooring […]

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Walton Style Guide: Bold and Playful Colours

If you are looking to bring a little extra cheer into your home, it’s time to think about making use of a few more bold and playful colours. We are nearing the end of the Summer season and with skies beginning to get a little greyer and nights starting to draw in, it’s the perfect […]

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How to create a luxurious living space on a budget

Luxury is defined as “a state of great comfort or elegance” and there’s nothing wrong with wanting a touch of luxury in your own home. Whilst you spend your days on your feet, working hard and looking after other people’s needs, your time at home at the end of the day should be reserved for […]

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