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Tips For Choosing The Perfect Flooring For Your Kitchen.

Kitchens need durable, moisture-resistant flooring. Your kitchen is likely to be one of the rooms in your home with the highest traffic. It needs to withstand regular staining (and therefore lots of cleaning), water spills, and temperature fluctuations and of course, footfall. This doesn’t mean that kitchen floors can’t be pretty, though, and, with beautiful patterns and […]

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Laminate Flooring Vs Water Damage – How To Tackle & Avoid It.

Laminate flooring is built and installed to stand the test of time however, that does not mean that it’s indestructible. One of the mot common issues with Laminate Flooring can be Water Damage. If your beloved Laminate Flooring has developed an alarming swell/lump, this can highly likely be associated with water damage. Water damage can […]

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How To Look After Your Laminate Flooring | 3 Easy Tips!

Taking care of your laminate flooring can seem daunting at first. Once you figure out the right techniques and materials, it’s simple! You can protect your floors by cleaning them routinely, removing stains immediately, and using furniture pads to keep your laminate floors in pristine condition. If you’re wanting to ensure your Laminate flooring is […]

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Get Your Home Ready For Spring 2019!

Spring has well and truly sprung! The sun is now a regular occurrence and the flowers are beginning to bloom. As we step into a new season, It’s important to welcome the season into your home and get it well and truly ready for Spring 2019! Mix Up Your Interiors Throughout the Autumn & Winter, […]

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How To Care For Your Laminate Flooring.

When you’re investing in new Laminate Flooring, you want to make sure that you’re looking after your new flooring correctly. You want to ensure that your flooring looks stunning and flawless for as long as possible. Here’s our quick guide on how you can create for your Laminate Flooring. Everyday / General Care   Caring […]

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