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Festive Walton Style Guide: White Chistmas

When we think of Christmas we think of Santa Claus, the Nativity, family feasts and of course lots and lots of snow! We love the idea of a white Christmas and occasionally in the UK we get lucky, and on the 25th that movie style snow falls just as we had hoped for. However, this […]

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Walton Style Guide: Autumn Maple

This weeks Walton Style guide is based more around a colour than a particular design. It’s the perfect time of year to embrace the beautiful shades we see outdoors and incorporate some of those warm orange, red and copper tones indoors as well. Autumn is a great time of year particularly in the UK, when […]

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Walton Style Guide: Woodland Retreat

In a recent article published on Ideal Home, they talked about the home decor trends that we should be looking out for in Autumn/Winter 2018, and one in particular that they wrote about really grabbed our attention, they called it Woodland Retreat. The name alone instantly conjures up feelings of warmth, magic, cosiness and relaxation, […]

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Walton Style Guide: Bohemian

We are now well into the Autumn season and with that, we thought what better style to discuss than the cosy, hipster trend of bohemian home decor. For those of you that are less familiar with the concept, the word bohemian comes from the French for “gypsy” and encompasses all things free-spirited, artistic and informal. […]

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Walton Style Guide: Scandinavian

Scandinavian design is unique, it is minimalist, clean and bright and in recent years has taken hold of the interiors market more so than it ever has before. Not only is the Nordic influence fresh and contemporary it also connects an inside space with nature and the outdoors which is the key difference between a […]

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