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Tips For Choosing The Perfect Flooring For Your Kitchen.

Kitchens need durable, moisture-resistant flooring. Your kitchen is likely to be one of the rooms in your home with the highest traffic. It needs to withstand regular staining (and therefore lots of cleaning), water spills, and temperature fluctuations and of course, footfall. This doesn’t mean that kitchen floors can’t be pretty, though, and, with beautiful patterns and […]

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Your Vinyl Flooring Myths, Busted!

The wonders of Vinyl flooring are nothing new. But, like most flooring, Vinyl has gone through many changes throughout the years. From how it looks to how durable it is, it’s changed more than you can ever imagine. Although Vinyl flooring has been around for some times, it is still plagued with common myths and […]

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Chris at Burscough Explains When Best to Choose Vinyl Flooring [video]

Hi, my name’s Chris from Walton Flooring Centre and today we’re gonna talk about Vinyl Ideal for rooms that are wet, damp, moist very popular in bathrooms kitchens, utility rooms, small downstairs loos we get a lot of people coming in asking us for inspiration or options for wet areas because not everything is suitable […]

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