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How to choose the right carpet for your home

Many people opt for carpet flooring in their home due to it’s many benefits; it can absorb sound, it is warm to the touch, is hard wearing and aesthetically adds a softness to a room which is particularly beneficial in a bedroom or living room. Nowadays you can also buy anti spill carpets, so from a longevity and practical point of view, users need worry less about spilling or marking the carpet as well. When it comes to selecting the right carpet to suit your needs, there are so many different products available that it can seem a little daunting initially, so we have given you a step by step guide to go through which should narrow down your options somewhat and give you direction once you decide to head in store.


  1. Decide which room(s) the carpet is to go in?

First things first, is to understand where your new flooring is to be laid. This will give you an idea of how large the space is which will help when it comes to budget. It is also a good idea to consider whether your new carpet is to cover more than one room, if it is to go in a children’s playroom and bedroom for example, you need to think about what properties it would be best to look out for.


  1. What will the surrounding decor be like?

Whether you are planning on decorating or you are thinking about sticking with your current colour scheme it’s important that you know what shade would match best. Make use of colour swatches from DIY stores and from flooring centres to help you to decide. Bear in mind that as a general rule, lighter shades tend to open up a space a darker colours can help to bring warmth and cosiness to a room.


  1. What is the function of the room?

Different rooms are used for different purposes, and as a result, the amount of footfall and general wear and tear will differ in each. A key thing to think about is how often will it need to be cleaned and what level of maintenance are you looking for? Hallways for example get a high level of traffic, it’s usually the first room that people step into from outside so can often bear the brunt of lots of the dirt and dust. For this reason you might go for a stain free carpet which can quickly be cleaned or a carpet in a darker colour or pattern so that dirt does not show up quite so easily.


  1. Would a thick, shaggy pile or small, tight pile be better?

Carpet is still one of the most popular home flooring materials because it gives you a warmth that you cannot get with hard surfaces. In the UK in particular, on those cold winter evenings it’s nice to come home to a soft plush thick pile carpet which will also help to trap the heat in. On a similar note, as mentioned in the introduction, thicker carpet can also help to absorb noise, so if you have a busy household with children this could be a real point to consider. Alternatively if you are looking at a room such as a conservatory which is often used in the summer, a harder tighter pile might be better suited because the room will naturally be quite warm from the sun.


  1. What is your budget?

Finally, it is important to decide on your budget, how much are you prepared to spend on a new carpet? Think about how long you are looking for the flooring to last, if you want a long lasting product then paying slightly more now for a higher quality carpet with added protection might save you money in the long run. Alternatively if you are looking for a flooring for a house flip, then a cheaper more simple style might be sufficient if it is really just for show.


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