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Choosing the Right Carpet Colours

It’s fair to say that carpet choice can make or break a room. A well chosen carpet colour can enhance the rest of the decor or provide a focal point and discussion topic in itself. Patterned or plain, carpet colours are important. Because carpets are a relatively expensive purchase, it pays to spend time considering your options, especially if the room has been redecorated in a new colour scheme. Do you prefer a toning colour (cream in a room with cream, beige and brown bedding, for instance) or a contrasting colour (olive or mint green in a room where the other main colours are magnolia painted walls and wooden furniture)? Carpets can also change your mood – some colours are more restful than others, while vibrant block patterns could act as a visual wakeup call. Blue is a good colour for bedrooms, while a brightly patterned carpet is ideal for a child’s room. Dark green is a popular carpet colour, evoking the look of a perfectly kept lawn, while red brightens up a darker room, maybe a north facing study or guest room.

From a housework point of view, carpet colour is also important. Pale, plain colours will show dust and dirt more than darker plain colours. Patterned carpet may be better at hiding marks but intense patterns can overwhelm a smaller room. If you do choose a pale, plain colour for carpeting in your hall, be prepared to spend some time keeping it looking good. Increased time spent vacuuming and cleaning is the price you pay for having a pale coloured carpet that emphasises the size of a room or space. Stripes might be a better option for halls and stairs, as the pattern will hide some of the inevitable marks these high-traffic areas will attract.

Your lifestyle may well also have an impact on your carpet choice. If you have young children or pets, or enjoy spending time outdoors, you may want to choose carpet colours that don’t show every muddy paw mark or footprint when everyone piles back home. Equally, if you spend long hours at work and only have limited time for housework, you may decide on a carpet colour or design that is low maintenance and can be easily vacuumed back to looking good.

However you choose to decorate your floors, it is worth taking time to choose carefully. You should consider the overall impact your pick will have on the room or area you are choosing a carpet colour for, and make sure that it matches the rest of your decor if that is what you need it to do. Taking fabric samples and paint swatches with you is a good idea, as a carpet colour that looks great in the store may not look as good close up to your furniture or walls. Because the carpet has such an important place in a room, choosing a carpet colour should not be rushed. Take time to shop around and you will end up with a carpet colour that suits you, your room and your lifestyle.

Because carpeting can be one of most expensive purchases when decorating, you’ve got ensure your selection complements your current or planned colour scheme, as well as providing durability, softness and a nice pattern scale.

In the market for new carpet? Educate yourself and research your possibilities before spending.

When picking the suitable carpet colour for your room, there are several important factors to deliberate. Luckily, rugs come in almost as many colours as price ranges today. It is no longer difficult to find the colour you want at a price you can afford. It is vital to remember that your carpet choice will become the foundation of your fashion decor for each room you design.

The following guidelines may assist you in choosing the right carpet for the rooms in your home:


Firstly, the more your carpet will be walked across means a higher risk of spills, stains and tracked-in dirt. Lighter-coloured carpets can be treated to be more stain resistant, but the less expensive brands will still show wear and tear sooner than darker rugs. If you have any pets or non-paved outdoor areas, more dirt will be tracked in than the average home. Areas like hallways and all-purpose living areas tend to take the worst pounding, as they’re the most active areas of the home. Most carpet – of any colour – is not recommended for kitchen use.

Space Usage

Do you want your new carpet to brighten up a dim space or tone down a too-bright room? Choosing a colour such as red is a perfect choice for darker family rooms, living rooms and hallways. It wears well and tends not to show stains as badly as some of the lighter colours.

There’s no point in choosing a colour and a week later regretting your decision. Colours can also change your mood and make rooms look bigger or smaller.

Design Match:

Do you want a carpet that blends in to your whole fashion design or one that styles its own bold statement? Every room needs one main pivotal theme. Your carpet can be that point or it can support another object such as a painting or piece of furniture. You just don’t want the carpet competing, or your room will become too busy and confusing.

When carpet shopping, you should always remember to bring swatches of fabric from drapes and furniture, wallpaper samples, and paint chips with you. That way, you can carefully consider a range of colours that will pair with your current décor. It is also important to remember that colour can also influence your mood. Warmer colours often make you feel invigorated while cooler tones provide a sense of calm.

If you’re still struggling to decide on a colour that’ll suit you, come and speak to one of our flooring specialists.

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