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How to create a child friendly garden

There’s nothing better in the British summer time than seeing your children getting out and about and being able to enjoy playing in the garden. Having a safe space that they can invite their friends over to and where they can get some exercise without having to worry about their whereabouts is ideal and now is the perfect time to prepare. Whilst we are still only in January, if you want to redesign your garden, thinking about it now means it can be finished in plenty of time for when those long warm evenings start to reappear. Here are our top tips for creating a garden that is safe and fun for your children.


Put up gates

This might seem an obvious starting point but in the same way you would put up safety gates at the top of your stairs inside your home, if you have small children, to stop them wandering out of the garden consider adding these for extra peace of mind. Gates also help to keep in any pets that you might have and they can be a nice garden feature to add some privacy.


Install artificial grass

Artificial grass has so many benefits when it comes to family homes, it is low maintenance so the children can make use of the lawn all summer without you constantly having to mow it. The fibers are very easy to clean with a quick spray of the hosepipe which makes it more hygenic and it won’t get churned up and boggy when children run around and play on it (saving them from dragging in any mud on their shoes…bonus!)


Include a seating area for the adults

It’s all well and good creating a safe space for the children to play but don’t foget to cater to the adults as well. Consider a decked or paved area in the sunniest spot in your garden so that you can kick back and catch some rays yourself whilst supervising the children. A dining area is also great for having summer barbeques and parties.


Include bird feeders to attract wildlife

Getting children interested in nature and the outdoors from a young age is a great way to encourage them to leave behind the iPad or TV screens for a while, so give them something to watch and learn about by encouraging wildlife to come into your garden. A simple bird feeder topped up with seed each week is enough to attract the smaller birds into your garden and kids can keep a record of the ones they spot.


Keep a patch free to grow your own plants together

If you’re looking for a family activity to do together, how about having a sunflower growing competition. For relatively little money you can buy a packet of sunflower seeds and some soil and each pick a spot in the garden to grow your own. Throughout the summer you can keep an eye on who is winning and see who’s grows the to be the tallest in the end.


Brightly coloured flowers

Children are generally drawn to brightly coloured spaces, so by adding lots of beautiful flowers not only do you create a garden that you like to look at, but also a place that will attract your kids to explore. A few child friendly flowers for you to consider are sweetpeas, marigolds and daisies.


If you have a pond, cover it up

Whilst ponds can often be a great feature in a garden, when it comes to young children they can be a little dangerous if unsupervised. There’s no need to get rid of your pond, afterall it is probably home to some great wildlife, but it is advised to cover it over with a grid. These grids come in natural colours so as not to look obstructive in your garden but they will keep your children safe around the water.


Lock tools away in shed or garage

Finally, if you are out and about in your garden regularly, doing a little lawn mowing or hoeing, just remember to keep your tools locked or hidden away in a shed or garage. Similarly to a kitchen, it is better to be safe than sorry and children will naturally be curious, you don’t want them getting hold of anything that might accidentally hurt them.


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