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Festive Walton Style Guide: White Chistmas

When we think of Christmas we think of Santa Claus, the Nativity, family feasts and of course lots and lots of snow! We love the idea of a white Christmas and occasionally in the UK we get lucky, and on the 25th that movie style snow falls just as we had hoped for. However, this year we want to save you constantly checking outside your window by helping to bring some of that Winter magic indoors instead. Here are our top tips for making sure you have the perfect white Christmas for your family in 2018.

One of the best things about this time of year is making your home feel really cosy and warm whilst the weather outside is icy cold, what is better than kicking off your big boots as you step through the door and nestling your feet into a thick shaggy carpet? For those of you that are looking to redecorate, there are a huge variety of luxury thick pile carpets available for you to choose from. White and cream colours really open up a space making them feel light and airy but also soft and inviting. For a more temporary solution, consider investing in rugs instead particularly in rooms such as living rooms and bedrooms.

Bring a taste of nature to your interior by adding plants and flowers. Whilst these will look beautiful in your home all year round, to give an extra festive feel opt for white flowers such as roses, lilies and germinis which have a fantastic smell and will make a bold, elegant statement. Don’t be afraid to scatter potted plants throughout different rooms as each one will be unique and each one will act as a new focal point. If you are looking for a more low maintenance option, there are lots of artificial products available that look just as good as the real thing, alternatively consider a white twig tree instead decorated with frosty coloured baubles for extra sparkle.

Even if you’re room is usually not white at all, by making use of carefully selected soft furnishings, not only on the floor as previously mentioned, but elsewhere can really help to give a beautiful overall effect. Think, luxurious white throws, cushions and tablecloths to soften the space and tie together the different aspects of the room. Match this with soft lighting and a few candles and you will have a festive feeling chill out space ideal for Christmas morning.

For the final touches, don’t be scared to add a dash of silver, because where is the magic without a little sparkle? Dig out your silver tinsel, those silver centerpieces or that silver wreath that you’ve been hiding under the stairs all year and use them as an accent colour along with the white, even mirrors work particularly well. The two colours work perfectly together because they are crisp, clean and fresh. Make use of accent colours in places where you will want to draw peoples eye to such as over the mantelpiece or on a dining table and your White Christmas will be complete.

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