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Flooring trends for 2019

What better time to plan your home improvements than at the start of the new year? Whether your flooring has taken a bit of a beating over the festive party season or you are just looking to freshen up your home for 2019, we take you through some of the biggest trends we expect to see this year to help guide you in the right direction. Here’s a look at the styles we think you’ll be seeing lots more of in the coming months.

1. Carpet for longevity

When shopping for a new flooring one of the key things our customers look out for is a product that will last for many years. Luckily home interior trends don’t change as often as the likes of fashion. There’s no doubt that a quality carpet can stay intact in your home for a very long time, in fact it can even be removed and replaced in another room if you like. It’s durability and structure means we predict that it will remain one of our top sellers this year.

2. Wood Effect

It’s a trend that has dominated this industry for the past couple of years and we predict that it will be just as popular in 2019. Wood effects on laminates, vinyls and tiles can soften a room, add rustic charm but at a fraction of the cost of solid hardwood. If you have a strict budget to stick to then this would be a very practical and attractive option to look into.

3. Ethical Flooring

As the world becomes more and more aware of the ever growing need to make better use of our planet’s resources, we expect to see this have an impact on the home improvement market as well. Durable and eco-friendly flooring products will no doubt be a phrase we will be discussing much more in 2019.

4. Bold Patterns

This year we expect to see wide plank wooden flooring and large tiles to be very popular particularly in kitchens and bathrooms. Choosing a bolder pattern on your floor can really open a space up and make a room feel larger, it’s perfect for those first time home owners who want to give their revamp a modern revamp.

5. Even More Grey

We saw that grey was a particularly popular interior colour in 2018 on the walls, on the floors and in furnishings. We expect to see even more of the monochrome shade this year as it looks chic but is also very practical in a modern home. It will ensure that not every last bit of dirt shows up.

Happy new year to all of our Walton Flooring Centre customers, if you want to discuss a new flooring in your home or garden don’t hesitate to contact us here. Have a brilliant 2019!

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