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Four Carpet Cleaning Myths

Your carpet is a quality investment that adds to the value of your home, makes spaces more comfortable for your family and enhances the design and style of your rooms. So when you spill something on it, you can’t afford to rely on faulty information when cleaning it up.

There are some crazy rumours out there when it comes to carpet cleaning, so we’ve tested them so you don’t have to:

Shaving Cream

Maybe it’s time to start running in panic to the bathroom cupboard instead of the kitchen when something gets on the carpet. Using shaving cream for its intended purpose of hair removal is a distant memory, as it is now being regarded as a carpet stain remover. Next time you get some grease or oil on your carpet, you should blot the stain dry, pat it with a wet sponge and then add a small helping of shaving foam, wiping away after a few minutes.

VERDICT: Shaving foam can damage fibres in your carpet and its best left to remove excess hair, not stains.

Baby Wipes

Is there anything more annoying than making a cup of tea or coffee, going to your sofa and spilling it all over your carpet instead? Rumour has it that a good old baby wipe, another bathroom essential, will do just the trick to remove excess stains by simply blotting, the wipe will remove the stain as well as soaking up any remaining liquid.

VERDICT: Although these handy wipes might seem like a quick fix, they’re probably best suited to your baby.

White Wine & Salt

An old wives’ tale suggests that if you spill red wine on your carpet, the first thing you should do is pour some white wine onto the stain. Pour some alcohol over the stain to dilute it and then blot it with a cloth and cold water. Finish off by sprinkling a helping of salt over the top and wait for 10 minutes before vacuuming up the excess.

VERDICT: Only a temporary solution, and seems like a waste of good alcohol!


With a strong PH level, vinegar is said to remove stains as well as killing germs and bacteria. If anything gets on your carpet, you should pour white vinegar onto the stain as soon as it happens, blot dry with a clean cloth and repeat if necessary until the stain is completely gone.

Who says you need expensive cleaning products to remove stains from carpets? A bottle of plain white vinegar will do the same job, apparently!

VERDICT: Incorrect! Unless you want your living room to smell like a chip shop – we suggest you stick to good old fashioned carpet cleaner.

You’ve invested a lot of money in your new carpet, so don’t depend on meaningless internet myths – get the right carpet cleaning solution and see how it benefits your flooring, and your pocket in the long run!

We are the carpet specialists, so if you need advice, our dedicated employees are here to help.

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