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Get Your Home Ready For Spring 2019!

Spring has well and truly sprung! The sun is now a regular occurrence and the flowers are beginning to bloom. As we step into a new season, It’s important to welcome the season into your home and get it well and truly ready for Spring 2019!

Mix Up Your Interiors

Throughout the Autumn & Winter, we love to fill our homes with cosy interiors and decor to make our homes a warm Winter retreat. However, come Spring, we want our homes to feel the exact opposite, fresh and bright. There’s many ways you can mix up your home interiors without having to break the bank…

  • Add some fresh flowers into your living space
  • Brighten up your rooms with some colourful scatter cushions
  • Rearrange your furniture for a full room refresh
  • Swap any heavy Winter curtains with light chiffon curtains

A Spot Of Spring Cleaning

As the sun starts shining through your windows, places you thought you’d dusted, have indeed not been dusted and are now staring you in the face. There’s nothing a bit of Spring cleaning can’t fix, right?

During the autumn and winter months a lot of dirt finds its way into our homes unnoticed. Frequent light maintenance of your floor – using a dry or damp microfiber cloth – is enough to keep dirt from piling up but thorough cleaning a few times a year is still necessary. Also, moving around your furniture when cleaning or rearranging your interior may leave black scuff marks on the floor.

Try to remove tough stains and scuff marks with a dry cloth first. If this doesn’t work, soak the cloth in a small quantity of the special maintenance product and apply gently. If you have an oiled hardwood floor, the spring cleaning is the perfect time to treat your floor with the appropriate Quick-Step maintenance oil. Let the oil soak in for a few minutes and then wipe the floor dry with a clean cloth. If during cleaning you notice that the floor is lightly damaged in places then you can easily remove small dents or scratches with the Quick-Step repair kit.

Ready For a New Floor?

If the Spring cleaning isn’t quite making the cut, it’s time to update your flooring and really add that fresh feel to your home.

Our range of Quick-Step Laminate & Tarkett Laminate is sure to have any room ready for the new season. There’s so many amazing styles and laminate shades that will perfectly pull any room together.

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