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Home Improvement Trends 2016


So the festive season’€™s been and gone and 2016 has arrived. And with the new year, thoughts often turn to giving your home a spruce up and a spot of redecorating. But with so many styles and colours available, and a host of looks set to be big this year, what are the key things to bear in mind when it comes to home improvement trends in 2016?

The ’70s are back!

It was during the ’70s when DIY first boomed as home ownership exploded in a kaleidoscope of psychedelic style followed by a more down-to-earth plainness as the decade closed in the thrall of high unemployment and a recession.

One way to mirror the fabulous looks of the ’70s is to make brown beautiful. Team tan sofas with wood flooring, printed patterned rugs and curtains, and cram in houseplants to echo the era and give your home a real 1970s flavour.

Have a highland fling with tartan carpet

Tartan isn’t just for kilts, it’s now one of the must have carpet styles for 2016. You don’t have to go completely Scottish as there are tartan patterns to match how bold (or not) you are in a range of colours.

The key is to match it with plain furnishings so it’s not too overwhelming. Done sparingly, tartan creates a real impact and gives a warm and homely touch to your home.

Stripes are still stars

If you’re not ready for tartan, a good alternative is a striped carpet. Pop one on the stairs, in your living room or bedroom and you’ll instantly create the illusion of space and make your home appear more open.

As well as giving you a genuine feature, striped carpets are great at hiding dirt, can cope with the hustle and bustle of busy families, and it’ll be a while before their wear and tear shows. Make a real impact by contrasting stripes with plain laminate flooring or beige carpet and you’ll have a cool, contemporary look for your home in no time.

Pick a pretty pattern

Another way to pack personality into a room is with a patterned carpet. You can complement your look with something simple, striking, crazy or bold. Patterned carpet looks great against plain walls and curtains or can even be seen as a complete work of art in its own right.

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