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How To Make A Small Room Feel Bigger

With house prices rising and families growing, it’s important to make every room in your home feel utilised. Whether that be creating a space designed for storage, or creating a play room for your growing children. Or maybe, you just want the small room in your home to feel a whole lot bigger. It’s important that you make every small room feel loved. After all, any space that you have can be used for things beyond your imagination. Whether used as a way to cope with booming housing prices, throw off the shackles of materialism or decrease one’s ecological footprint: smaller living also means rethinking interior design as you know it.

Choosing The Right Flooring

The flooring you chose can be crucial to how big your room looks and feels. Laminate flooring Is perfect for making a room feel more open and welcoming. Although flooring can be massively overlooked when it comes to creating length and width within your space, how you lay your flooring can be crucial to the overall appearance of your room.

Here’s some factors to consider when it comes to making your room look bigger with the flooring you choose.

  • Darker colour flooring

Many people believe that brighter means bigger when it comes to decorating. That’s a pretty common misconception when it comes to flooring. The real deal is this: dark flooring in combination with the right wall colour actually gives the room a more expansive and bigger feel.

  • Lay floor diagonally

Whether it’s a carpet pattern or hardwood, when you lay it out diagonally it immediately creates an impression of greater size in a room. Why? It’s something of an optical illusion: the widest part of the pattern is facing you as soon as you enter the room, which tricks your eyes and brain into seeing the space as larger than it actually is. The diagonal pattern rule applies to every type of flooring, from carpet to natural stone tiles, it’s the handiest interior design tip around.

  • Flow the flooring through your home

Consistency is key in a lot of aspects in life, including your flooring. Opting for a consistent style in adjacent rooms in your home, will aid in crating the impression of a larger space. It will make your home feel more connected and a whole lot bigger – What more could you want?

Smart Storage Solutions

Clutter can make a room feel cramped and overwhelming. When you’re tight for space, it’s important to utilise storage and minimalism. If your room has any alcoves or oddly shaped wall, why not consider investing in built in storage?

If you’re not keen on using up any additional floor space with storage units, floating shelves/storage are perfect for adding a design element to a space, but also providing a super useful storage solution.

Let The Light In

If you have the luxury to renovate or install windows like those we incorporate in our tiny houses, opt for a few big windows instead of many small ones. Big windows are more efficient at letting in light and opening up a room. Adding mirrors is also a neat trick

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