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How to keep your wooden floor from damage

A wooden floor is a beautiful addition to any home and it’s rustic charm continues to grow in popularity year on year. Not only is it very practical because the wood grain prevents lots of dirt and dust from showing, but it is also easy to clean and an appropriate material for almost every room in your house. There are a huge selection of products available on the market so depending on your budget, taste and maintenance expectations, there will no doubt be a wooden flooring suitable to your needs.

With this in mind however, as with any other types of flooring, there are a number of things that you can do to make sure that your wood stays looking it’s best for a longtime which is important if you want to get good value out of the money you spent. Here are our top tips for keeping your wooden flooring from damage and making sure it stands the test of time in your home.


1. Sweep the floor

Giving the wooden flooring a quick once over every week will lift any loose dust and dirt that has been trodden in from the outside. It should take hardly any time at all if you keep on top of it, but will save the grime from sticking, becoming unhygienic and discolouring the material.


2. Take care when moving furniture

Whilst wooden flooring will often have a protective layer over the top, it can become scratched quite easily which ruins the overall aesthetic. If you are moving around furniture in the room, try to lift it instead of dragging it to prevent causing any white lines that might be difficult or costly to rectify afterwards. Consider putting furniture pads underneath anything that is particularly heavy such as a sofa if you do need to drag it so as not to cause damage.


3. Don’t use too much water

With hardwood flooring in particular you don’t want to get the wood too wet as it can cause warping and distortion of the planks. If you want to wipe the surface clean make sure that you wring out any excess water from your mop first so that it can dry relatively quickly. Alternatively, for specific stains, use warm soapy water on the one area and dry thoroughly once lifted.


4. Try to avoid stiletto heels

It is well known that stiletto heels and wooden flooring generally don’t go too well together. The small surface area of the heel can cause dents in the material which over time can look quite unsightly. If it is is possible try not to wear these particular shoes when walking over the wooden floor.


5. Purchase a doormat

It seems like an obvious thing to mention and it doesn’t just serve as a benefit to wooden floors but all the floors in your home, purchasing a doormat. This way people don’t tread too much dirt and dust through reducing the wear and tear. They can be picked up at very little cost at most home or hardware stores.


For more tips and tricks to keep your home flooring looking its best, get in touch with our friendly Walton Flooring Centre team who would be happy to help.


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