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How To Look After Your Flooring During A Move

Moving can be a stressful process and making sure your flooring is protected in both your old and new properties should be the last of your worries. From trying to keep all your belongings organised to unpacking and acclimating to a new home, moving just isn’t fun.

One of the many goals during a move is to not damage the home your leaving and the home you are moving into. Your flooring is most susceptible to damage during a move and although you want to get moved and settled in ASAP, it’s important to spend a little time ensuring your floors are protected before the big move. This is especially important if you’re moving out of a rented property and you don’t want any last minute charges to irrupt.

Mask Your Carpets

Without a doubt, the best way to protect your carpets when moving is to roll them up and remove them (if at all possible) before the moving day action gets under way. With carpet-free floors, you have various options for effective floor protection (see above).

If removing your carpets isn’t an option for you, then self-adhesive carpet film will create a layer of protection between your carpet and any dirt or damage from moving your furniture or having constant traffic of people entering your home to move your items.

Cardboard Is Your Best Friend

If you’re simply in a panic and not sure what to use to protect your flooring last minute, opening up a cardboard box and placing it over your wooden floor or carpet flooring is your best option. You surely have a number of cardboard boxes that are not good enough to be used for packing, so all you need to do is break them apart and use the cardboard material to keep dirt and mud out of your delicate floor.

Cardboard will also protect any hardwood flooring from scratches, you can also use the cardboard as an alternative to furniture sliders, so that you can manoeuvre your furniture with ease.

Wear Shoe Covers

Disposable shoe covers are really cheap, so you should purchase a big pack of them to be used on Moving day. It’s worth asking your movers to wear them as well, although you may find that some moving professionals are likely to be genuinely surprised by your request for that extra floor protection you seek.

If covering your flooring entirely isn’t something you wish to partake in, then perhaps asking anyone involved in the move to wear shoe covers (aka shoe booties) so that any dirt from their shoes won’t be spread throughout your new home and across your floors. Combined with door mats placed at strategic entrance points, using inexpensive disposable shoe covers will really help keep water, dust, dirt and other debris from dirtying up your precious flooring.

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