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Protect Your Floors From Children During The Summer Holidays

The Summer holidays are quickly approaching and as the children get excited for their long awaited Summer Vacation, it’s time to get your home prepared and protect your floors this Summer.

Having young children may be very fun and rewarding, but it can wreak havoc on home furnishings. A toddler banging toys against a wooden floor will scratch the delicate finish, and a spilled cup of juice or milk can easily ruin a carpet. If you have young children, try these clever tricks to keep your floor looking clean and mess-free.

Implement Removing Shoes Around The House

A child running across a hardwood floor with football cleats, muddy shoes or heavy soled shoes, can quickly and permanently damage the flooring, and muddy shoes may end up staining carpet. There’s no way you can ever stop your children from having fun and causing mischief. However, implementing a rule of taking shoes off before you and your children enter the house, is the perfect way to prevent any damage to your floors over the years.

Chair Leg Pads

Children who are just learning to walk have a tendency to hold onto a chair while standing upright and scoot it across the floor. To avoid having this behaviour leave deep gouges in your wooden floor, make sure that you have pads on the feet of all chair legs.

Place Rugs In High Traffic Areas

Rugs are one of the most practical and stylish ways to protect your flooring. It is far cheaper and easier to replace a $50 rug than the flooring in an entire room. Rugs can be quickly replaced, and they are also a great way to make your home look trendy.

Use Anti-Staining Treatments

Prevention always works better than fixing a stain that has already happened after your child spills a drink or throws food onto the floor. Getting a good sealant before you even have children is a fantastic way to protect your wood flooring for years to come. You can also get anti-stain sealants for carpeting that keep stains from setting into the flooring.

Opt For Quick-Step Laminate Throughout Your Home

If you’re thinking of decking out your home with some brand new flooring, however, you’re concerned that despite your efforts, your flooring will still be damaged by the mischievous hands of your children.

Quick-Step laminate could be your answer to your problems when it comes to having a flooring that works around your family life.

Benefits of Quick-Step Laminate For Your Children

  • Easy To Clean

Your little one is sure to keep you busy. It’s truly extraordinary how babies and toddlers manage to distribute the entire contents of their toy box across the room or mark the floor with fluids, leaving a trail of crumbs along the way. Regular cleaning is key. Especially when you have an allergy-prone baby: keeping the nursery dust-free is your best defence against sleepless nights. 

  • Moisture Resistant

We’ve said it before: chances are slim that your baby and the floors in the nursery will remain dry at all times. Save yourself the headache and choose flooring that is highly resistant to moisture

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