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How to revamp your garden in a weekend

We are well and truly into the summer months now and one of the most enjoyable things about the season is that we can spend more time outside with our friends and family. Lazy afternoons relaxing in the garden with a gin and tonic in hand, whilst the children play in their paddling pools just can’t be beaten and the best part is that it costs absolutely nothing. What could be better than eating, drinking and laughing the day away with the people you love, all whilst catching some rays? It’s what the British summertime is all about!

If you’re ready to dive in and you’re itching to go outside but your garden is looking a bit neglected, we’ve put together a guide below on how to give your outdoor space a quick makeover in just one weekend. Clear your diary on Saturday and Sunday, roll up your sleeves, rope in the family and we will have your garden summer ready in next to no time.

Give your garden a tidy up

First things first, you need to get your hands dirty and go around the whole garden brushing and picking up any debris that might have blown in: dead flowers, leaves, rubbish. Use a stiff bristle brush to sweep patio or decking areas to lift any stubborn dirt and dust that might have built up. Pull up any unsightly weeds that have grown in between plants or along patio edges and prune all of your bushes back being quite vigorous, remember they will grow back and you want to open up the space and get rid of any dead parts of the plant.

Give your fence a lick of paint

Wooden fences become tired and quite weather beaten through the winter months which will make the colour fade. Give them a new lease of life with a fresh coat of paint, start by brushing off any dirt and use an outdoor cleaner to wipe down the surface. Following this, use a brush, roller or spray painter to paint the wood evenly from top to bottom. Choose a neutural colour so that it blends into the background, you don’t want your eye to be drawn to the fence at the back or side of your garden.

Make use of an artificial lawn

If you have a large grass area in your garden, consider laying down an artificial lawn. The process usually takes less than 2 days to complete, see our guide here, and the end result is a garden space that will last for up to 25 years without any difficult maintenance. Artificial grass is ideal for families as the soft fibers make it comfortable to play on and in the summer you can put a paddling pool down on top without worrying about damaging the surface underneath. They have good drainage and you can simply brush the bristles back up if they have been flattened.

Inject a little colour

Head to your local garden centre and invest in a few large plant pots to be dotted around the garden in clusters. Select seasonal plants that will thrive in the summer months such as argyranthemum, verbena, scaevola and gazania, these are flowers that will love being placed in a part of the garden that catches plenty of sunlight. Select a colour scheme that you like, whether that be pinks, blues, oranges, whites or a mixture and be sure to buy enough so that your plant pots look full and healthy.

Add a seating area

You will need a place where you can sit down and take in all of your hard work so invest in some garden furniture. A simple white iron table and two chairs is sufficient if you have a small garden just to sit and enjoy your breakfast at and it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Bare in mind that metal furniture is quite easy to maintain, it usually just needs a wipe or hose down if it hasn’t been used in a while, wooden furniture can be a little more time consuming. Finally add some brightly coloured cushions to the seating area to make the space more comfortable.

Bring nature to you

The last piece of advice is to add one or two bird feeders filled with seed around your garden. They cost next to nothing and are very easy to put up, simply hang from the branch of a tree or bush so that they are high off the ground. Let nature come to you, during the summer you can expect to see lots of birds with their babies such as finches, warblers and bluebirds and you don’t have to stop once autumn comes. If you enjoy watching the show that the young fledglings put on you can feed the birds all year round and watch as they grow from your own backyard.

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