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Save money on your flooring

When buying a new floor, it’s important to do your research to ensure you are getting value for your money. There are so many products available on the market that it can sometimes become quite overwhelming so it’s important to set a budget initially and stick to it. There are lots of ways that you can save money on your flooring to make sure that you get the best product for you at a price you can afford. Here are our top tips for keeping costs down when you buy.

  1. Install the flooring yourself

With products available such as the Quick-Step laminate, installation can be done yourself if you wish. Certain flooring such as this are designed to be laid quickly and easily and are great if you want to save a little money. Check with your supplier before you buy to make sure you have the tools needed and to ensure you are confident before you get started.

  1. Take expert advice

Exploring and researching the market yourself is a great starting point, but to really find out the best deals it is best to speak to a flooring supplier themselves. They will know all of the deals that are currently on or that will be coming up soon, they will also have the inside scoop on any new products coming in that might be of interest and they can advise on the flooring that will be the best quality for your budget.

  1. Buy in-stock inventory

It usually works out cheaper to purchase products that are readily available as opposed to making a special order that needs to be specifically bought in. If you are quite flexible with your flooring, for example if it is to go in a rental property then ask your supplier what is is in-stock right now and make your choice from there.

  1. Make the right choice

Whilst this might seem a little ambiguous and won’t save you money in the short term, after a few years you will come to realise that being practical and selecting the flooring that is best suited to the area it will be used in is vital. You don’t want to constantly be paying for a new replacement floor, over time this can become really costly. Seek expert advice before you buy so that you are confident in your selection.

  1. Go to a local store

By choosing a local flooring store, you get the benefit of being able to send back and replace products very easily if you need to with little cost, something that might be a problem if you were for example to purchase online instead. They will also likely have great contacts in the area for installation which they can arrange for you at a reasonable price.

To contact one of our Walton Flooring Centre team about choosing a flooring within your budget, give us a call or request a free quote here.

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