We are excited to announce the arrival of The Northern Interior Design Blogger Awards, also known as NIDBA, brand new for 2018! We have created these awards to celebrate the best of interior design bloggers and show our appreciation for their continued hard work. Creating and maintaining a blog is not only a technical task but also an ongoing project which requires a lot of knowledge, patience and creativity. Through the awards, NIDBA intends to encourage more people to engage with the online interior design community by recognising the individuals behind those fantastic webpages.

Our name comes from our home in the North of England where the idea was born, however we appreciate blogs from across the globe hence why our nominations are not limited to one particular geographical location. The beauty of blogging is that people can tap into a broad range of opinions, tastes and knowledge from different corners of the globe and so we decided to open our categories up both nationally and internationally. As long as blogs are written with good intentions and in English then they can be nominated for one of our awards.

When selecting our winners, judges will take into consideration a number of defining factors, which you can take a closer look at here. There are 6 awards in total, and blogs can be nominated for more than one category if they are a suitable fit.


Award Category Criteria

Best Newcomer

This category is dedicated to those blogs that haven’t been on the scene for long but which have already managed to make a big impact. The interior design blogger community is a competitive one to break into, but our nominees have managed to carve an impressive position for themselves in a relatively short amount of time. These blogs are continuing to grow each week and month giving us high hopes for them in the future.

    award conditions:
  • Must have been founded after June 2014
  • Must demonstrate enthusiasm for the subject and be shown to be having a positive impact on it’s readers
  • Must be seen to have potential to grow

Best Individual Blog

This category applauds those who are brave enough to venture out into the world of blogging alone. It’s a fearless move to share your individual opinions and style online where you open yourself up to a new realm of critique. With this award we recognise the blogs that have not only confidently succeeded in opening up to readers but who have also developed a strong following from doing just that.

    award conditions:
  • Must deliver personal insights
  • Must be run by an individual (or a couple), not a team or business
  • Must have social media accounts attached to blog

Best Designed Blog

If you’ve ever tried to design a blog yourself, you’ll know that creating a user friendly interface is no easy feat. This award category congratulates those sites that have created an online space that is visually captivating. The best designed blog will be judged on image use, colour schemes, navigation and overall user experience.

    award conditions:
  • Must have coherent design throughout the blog
  • Must make use of high res images
  • Must be easy to navigate

Best Company Blog

This category recognises companies that have created and maintained an interiors blog that is up to date, useful and in tune with not only their customers but with a wider audience as well. Interiors professionals have a great deal of knowledge that readers love to tap into and this award applauds the company that shares great insights as well as great products and services.

    award conditions:
  • Must sell their own products/services on website attached to the blog
  • Blog should complement brand
  • Must not be focused solely on the brand itself

Best Overall Blog

This category incorporates elements from all of our other awards so far. The winning blog will impress our judges on a number of different elements including design, content quality, usability, potential to grow and most importantly the connection it has with it’s readers. This category is for those blogs that provide a great overall experience for their followers.

    award conditions:
  • Must post on a regular basis
  • Must show consistency of design and content
  • MCan be individually or company run

Popular Vote

The only award that is not chosen by our panel of judges, instead we hand the decision over to the most important audience, the public. Voters will select their winner from a shortlist of nominees and the blog with the most votes will receive this award. The Popular Vote category is an opportunity for readers to show their blogger appreciation by backing their personal favourites.


How It Works

All nominated blogs are first checked to ensure that they meet the award criteria for their designated category. Following this each blogger will be informed of their nomination and we ask their permission before proceeding with judging.The shortlist is constructed for each category and all bloggers are informed of the award that they are in with a chance of winning. All of our shortlisted bloggers will be included for the Popular Vote category which is the only award which is chosen by the public.

Judges have one week to deliberate and decide on our 5 winners for the categories of Best Newcomer, Best Individual Blog, Best Company Blog, Best Designed Blog and Best Overall Blog.

Once judges have selected their winners and the public votes have been counted, our winning blogs will be informed via email and will be announced on our website here.


Submit your popular vote

Our popular vote category puts the power into the hands of the public, after all it is the readers that truly decide which blogs make it to the top! You’ll find on the Nominees page our list of bloggers that have been shortlisted for an award this year, clicking on their logo will direct you straight to their website so you can check them out for yourself before you make your final decision. Whether you already have a site in mind or if you are looking for some inspiration, show your support for the interior design online community by clicking your favourite, but take your time because you can only vote for one, so make it count!



For our first Northern Interior Design Blogger Awards 2018, we have been fortunate enough to work with some fantastic partners who have generously supported our campaign and have donated prizes for the winners. We want to support independent companies who value interior design as much as we do and we would like to give a big shout out and say thank you to these companies.

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