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Top 5 Interior Design Trends To Look Out For In 2019.

2019 is well underway and now that January is finally over, it’s time to start looking into the top interior design trends that we’re going to be seeing throughout 2019. As Spring slowly shows its face, now is the perfect time to consider having a reshuffle in your home and incorporating some of the hottest trends this year. Here’s 5 of our favourite interior trends to look out for this year.


  • Yellow Accents

Adding a pop of colour into your space has been a big hit over the past few years, however, 2019 is the return of Yellow. Adding something as simple as a yellow rug or blanket throw can add a hint of warmth into any space. Although yellow is loud and proud, it’s a colour that complements practically anything. It looks great in a monochromatic settings as well as mixed with pinks & blues for a mid-century modern vibe.

  • Geometric Shapes

Incorporating geometric shapes into your home is a great way to add a splash of fun into a space as well as adding a modern touch. Geometrics can be incorporated in a variety of ways, from soft furnishings, wallpapers, tiles or lighting fixtures. It’s easier than ever to add these funky, modern shapes into your home this year.

  • 70’s Chic

70’s Chic is a home trend that has been working its way into the mainstream for a while now. 70’s chic clashes a variant of trends, from mid-century modern to retro, anything goes when it comes to 70’s chic. Add in some rust colour shades and some stained wood furnishings and you’ll have a 70’s chic pad in no time.

  • Brass Decor

Wave goodbye to copper and rose gold, 2019 is all about Brass accents. Over the past couple of years, interior junkies have obsessed over copper accents throughout their homes, although copper is still in trend, brass is the new black and we’re loving the effortless chic and sophisticated touch it can put on a space.

  • Velvet

It’s all about the textures this year  and velvet is the number one texture you want to be adding into your home. It’s soft, subtle and unforgettably stylish. Whether you’re going big and adding a velvet sofa, or keeping it simple with a bright velvet cushion, adding different textures to your home will make your home feel fresh, stylish and cosy – What more could you want?

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