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Walton Style Guide: Autumn Maple

This weeks Walton Style guide is based more around a colour than a particular design. It’s the perfect time of year to embrace the beautiful shades we see outdoors and incorporate some of those warm orange, red and copper tones indoors as well. Autumn is a great time of year particularly in the UK, when leaves fall off trees and the nights are drawn in, for many it symbolises the start of the build up to Christmas which means lots of family time, good food and festive parties. What’s not to love?

Copper as a colour is actually very versatile, it can be included in more traditional country farmhouse interiors, but also features really well in modern New York apartment style designs. It strikes a balance between being a warm colour and also being quite practical and natural. You are just as likely to see brassy orangey accents in a kitchen as you are in a child’s bedroom which makes it a good accent colour to use in different rooms to tie your overall home design together. It is a bold shade, but it is also very inviting, fun and cheerful.

There are a number of different ways to incorporate the Autumn Maple colours in your home, let’s start first of all by looking at accessories. If you’re aiming for a quick and relatively easy way to give your interior space an Autumnal refresh, strip your room back to it’s basic furniture and begin layering back up with accent colours and accessory designs that match your intended finish. There are many products available on the high street such as lamps, kitchen appliances and side tables that are made of copper so you won’t have to look too far to find a few interesting feature pieces. Select just one or two hard surface accessories in these tones and soften with blankets, towels or bedding in complementary colours.

Make use of natural wood and embrace timbers that have a warm, reddish tint to them. Whether this be through a hardwood or laminate flooring, give your space that rustic, outdoors feel by embracing the natural shades. You can use wood as a focal point in other aspects of the room as well such as furniture or if you are lucky enough to have open beams, don’t try to hide them away, leave them as they are and make a feature of them. Natural wood colours will complement your orange and copper accessories beautifully and will enhance that cosy Autumnal feel.

Finally, to really make the most of your newly decorated or accessorised space, make sure you have the right lighting. No Autumn day is complete without soft, calming lighting and those coppery tones are bold enough on their own. Give your room the tranquil vibe that it deserves with a few carefully places lamps, and possibly a few candles; steer clear of any harsh bright white light.

At Walton Flooring Centre we’ve got just what you need when it comes to Autumn ready wooden flooring, we’d love to chat with you about your interior design plans and see how we can help, if you’d like get in touch with our friendly team here.

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