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What Is Tarkett Flooring? | Flooring 101

As apart of our Flooring 101 blog series, we want to pass the baton of knowledge down to you when it comes to making the right and best choice for your home when it comes to purchasing new flooring. This month, we’re focusing on Tarkett flooring and why it could be the flooring that your home is missing!

What Is Tarkett Flooring?

Tarkett Flooring is a type of Laminate that comes in an array of styles and colour ways so that it’s never been easier to find you perfect flooring. Tarkett offer a wide range of flooring materials, there’s everything from Laminate, Wood & Vinyl Rolls that are all so easy to install. So that you can achieve your dream flooring faster than ever.

Benefits of Tarkett Flooring

  • Sustainability

The boards that are the core material of laminate planks are made out of compressed wood that is recycled leftover wood pulp. Tarkett laminate is made of 84% wood and can be recycled as combustible material for the industry, for example to generate electricity.

For Tarkett Vinyl, all phthalates have been removed from the creation process. So now, their Vinyl flooring is more sustainable than it’s ever been before.

  • A Practical Flooring Solution For Your Home

Laminate is durable and strong, thanks to its construction: the high density core board offers a top impact resistance and is able to withstand heavy furniture without denting. Tarkett Laminate flooring fits perfectly into any lifestyle due to just hoe strong it really is.

Vinyl floors are practical and hygienic, because they’re simple to clean. Our vinyl flooring has an additional surface treatment to make it even easier to maintain with minimal use of water and cleaning products. For flooring that looks good, feels good and contributes to the well-being of people and the environment, take a step forward with Tarkett’s New Generation Vinyl.

  • Stylish

Though laminate often is mistaken with parquet, it offers even more variety than real wood. The printed decors allow endless possibilities to play with wood essences and colours to suit any home.

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