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Which Carpets Are Best For Allergy Sufferers?

There is a myth that if you suffer from allergies then it is best to stay away from carpet in your home. The fibres in carpets can attract harmful particles. However, many scientific studies have debunked this idea and state that in fact carpets are better than any hard flooring solution. There will undoubtedly be dust, pollen, pet dander and other allergy catalysts in the air in your home, it is impossible to completely get rid of them.

Which Carpet Is Right For You?

Carpet is a good way of trapping those harmful particles because they get caught in between the fibers so that they aren’t such an irritant. The flooring industry recognised this health benefit that came from installing soft flooring into your home and have now introduced hypo allergenic carpets.

The carpets consist of high quality man made materials to repel any reactions. They are made from polyester and nylon due to the fact these materials will not act as a breading ground for particles, as they’re not natural fibres.

When you come to laying the carpet down in your room, it is recommended that anyone who has quite severe allergies stay away for a few hours during and after. This will allow any particles that are flicked up in to the room to settle first. It is also well advised to let the roll of carpet air outside initially to release any build up. Once you have your carpet installed, be sure to vacuum regularly. A vacuum with a HEPA filter will be best as they force the air through a fine mesh to eliminate any harmful particles as they clean.

Keeping The Particles Under Control

The particles are almost invisible to the naked eye and no matter how often you clean there will still be some around, however you can manage and control them.

The type of carpet in the home will impact the results of cleaning.  Different types of carpet are easier to clean than others.  In a study of cat allergen in carpets, the carpets that were easiest to clean were short, low-pile carpets made of high density, low surface area fibers, and coated in fluorocarbon The study did not examine dust mite allergen, but it is likely the type of carpet will also impact the removal of this allergen

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