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Your Vinyl Flooring Myths, Busted!

The wonders of Vinyl flooring are nothing new. But, like most flooring, Vinyl has gone through many changes throughout the years. From how it looks to how durable it is, it’s changed more than you can ever imagine. Although Vinyl flooring has been around for some times, it is still plagued with common myths and misconceptions and we’re here to bust them for you. You might be surprised at what you don’t know about today’s vinyl.

Vinyl Flooring Tiles

Myth 1: Vinyl is Outdated

A very common misconception about Vinyl flooring, is that it’s outdated. oday’s vinyl is not like that of the 70’s vinyl: picture one giant, seamless sheet of vinyl rolled out on the floor with an unrealistic wood or tile print. Vinyl today has far surpassed that! It now comes in three different forms: planks, tiles, and sheets. Vinyl plank is perfect for mimicking wood plank looks. Vinyl tile comes in many of the same sizes and styles as real tile. And lastly, sheet vinyl is available in very realistic textures and colors of wood or tile. Vinyl also comes in so many different prints like wood, ceramic and porcelain tile, stone, concrete, and even metallic looks. The printing technology vinyl uses today reproduces these looks so well it’s hard to tell the difference from the real deal.

Myth 2: Vinyl flooring is Not Durable

Today’s vinyl is some of the most durable flooring on the market, but not all vinyl is created equal. Vinyl is now durable and stylish and perfect for spaces like kitchens, bathrooms, basements, etc. When looking for durable vinyl, be sure to look at the thickness of the vinyl and its finish. Some vinyl comes with only a basic, buffed PVC finish that isn’t as durable to wear; others have a urethane finish; and the most protective finish is called enhanced urethane.

Myth 3: Vinyl flooring is Not Good For Pets

On a similar wavelength as durability, there’s a huge misconception that Vinyl does not work with pets. This is a myth that couldn’t be more wrong. Out of all the flooring types; carpet, laminate and wood, vinyl flooring is the most durable to deal with spills, scratches and everything in-between from your loving pets. Unlike other flooring types, vinyl flooring will not absorb anything too quickly, whereas with laminate for example, any spills must be cleaned up straight away to avoid lifting as the liquid is absorbed into the materials.

Vinyl has become a popular flooring choice because of its huge advancements is styles, sizes, textures and durability, coupled with its affordable price point. Vinyl stands up to the need for style and durability for active families as well as commercial spaces. So, throw out your doubts about vinyl and take a fresh look at whether or not it might be right for your space.

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